Is your competition kicking your butt all over the Internet?  Are you being outranked in the search engines?  Are you not well liked on social networks such as Facebook and Twitter?  We can help you to begin thinking like a Digital Strategist by equipping you with the tools to win the search engine and social networking war, harnessing the power of WordPress, and basically, make your competitors regret ever buying a domain name.

Increase Search Engine Results

Most website owners are under the impression that there is some magic formula to achieve high organic search engine rankings. It’s true, there is a magic formula – add fresh keyword rich content to your website frequently and consistently.  Wordpress allows you to easily add content without having to wait on your Internet company and paying page creation fees.

To move up the search engine ranks, it is imperative to have inbound links to your website.  Ask yourself, when is the last time that you or your Internet agency engaged in an active link building campaign.  In the past has it taken too long to get reciprocal links put on your website and it costs you links?  Well, using the blogroll feature of WordPress, adding links is a snap.

Pay Per Click

Pay Per Click (PPC) is a great way to quickly increase traffic to your website, but it can get expensive in a very short time if not used correctly.  Targeting popular industry specific keywords can really drive your company into the red.  All your pay per click ads should have a specific sale oriented landing page.  You don’t want Internet users clicking on an ad for a free night stay going to a totally unrelated page such as your privacy policy page.  Without targeted landing pages, you are wasting your money on worthless clicks.  It’s easy to create landing pages with WordPress.  It’s literally a click of a mouse.  Improve your conversion rates with target landing pages and WordPress.

Here’s a tip!  Targeting several lower traffic keywords will help lower your PPC costs.  Selecting a group of ten low cost keywords can be more effective than targeting one high dollar keyword.

Don’t have the marketing budget to effectively compete in the pay per click world?  Search engine rankings and PPC campaigns are not everything.  There are various ways for small businesses to generate decent revenue without the high costs of pay per click. Here are a few suggestions.

Target Existing Customers

Instead of waging all out war on the front lines of the search engines; strengthen your supply lines by target existing and previous customers.  Your newsletter is a great tool for reaching out to those current and previous guests.  Advertising upcoming specials to your email database will help you reap in sales.  The cost per click with email marketing is significantly lower than pay-per-click.  Dust off your database and send a newsletter.

Use Social Networks

Social networks are dominating the landscape of the internet.  Facebook is the third-largest “country” in the world.  Who can ignore the opportunity to reach out to well over 500 million people?  You see Facebook, Twitter and Foursquare icons everywhere.  Even your local news channel has several twitter accounts.  Does your business have one?  With social marketing, everyone starts out on a level playing field: no content and no friends.  Start posting today and promote your networks on your website.  It’s all about “friends” and “likes”.  The more you have, the greater your exposure over a given network. Come up with a social plan, set goals, and stick to it.  Remember, unless your running Facebook ads, your only investment is the time you put into it.

Get Analytical with Google Analytics

Another way to keep your Internet costs down is to look at where your site traffic really comes from and what you’re actually paying per click for it.  Compare referral counts, bounce rates, and cost per click.  If a high dollar portal site has a 40% bounce rate, you are throwing away 40% of the advertising money you spent on this site.  Know your reports, know your referrals, and you can keep your costs down.  Several lower cost portals can be more effective than expensive ones, and are additional inbound links.

Here’s a tip!  Do recipicial links with different competitors.  If you’re a chalet rental company in the mountains, do a link exchange with a beach rental company at the beach.  Even with both companies being in the vacation rental market, they are not direct competitors.  Linking between these two sites, especially if they are of decent page rank, is a win-win for both sides.

Lower Pay Per Click Pricing

Is your pay per click campaigns costing you too much?  Here are a few suggestions on how to lower costs and increase conversion rates.

First, researching other pay per click networks can really pay off by lowering your PPC expenses.   Comparison shop your PPC.  The keywords you target will vary in cost from network to network.  Use the network where you get the most clicks for your budget.   Search engines that don’t rank in the top 5 can generate a lot of traffic to your website.  The number 15 ranked search engine gets several million visitors a day who could see your ad.

Second, instead of targeting keywords, target your demographic.  Facebook’s advertising mechanism lets you fine tune exactly to whom you want your ad displayed.  Showing the right advertisement to your exact demographic will generate revenue for your business.

Targeted Landing Pages

If you spend the money on pay per click campaigns, make sure you get the best return on your investment.  Create special landing pages for each of your PPC ads that contain relevant sales driven copy.  For example, a PPC ad running for a baseball glove should land on a baseball glove sale page, not your home page.  Your landing pages are “salespeople”; give them what they need to make a sale – interested buyers!

Every website has different needs and budgets.  Following the tips above will help your website generate additional revenue through increased search engine ranking and cost effective pay per click ads.