For the Love of God Keep It Simple!

Silhouette head - Thinking ProcessIt’s easy to provide marketing, sales, and website SEO advice when you are not emotionally invested. I had been building my own company for several months and been searching for an appropriate company name. Like most owners, I thought “Let’s give it meaning, purpose, an identity of who I am and what my core values are.”  Thank God I’ve raised my daughter, Kate, as a young marketing expert.  As I sat planning and talking about my company “Coaching Concepts” out loud, I kept tripping over the word concepts and subconsciously replacing it with “consultant.” I have used consultants and agencies in the past, both which have their place, but I felt with the hiring of my company a client would be paying for more than my ego.  Thus, I felt that I should be more than just an agent or consultant; today’s businesses need more than advice, they need planning and execution.  As I was verbally rehearsing who and what I stood for, my 15-year-old daughter spoke up and said, “Coaching Concepts?” I have no clue who you are, or what you are trying to say!”

Kate and I have been watching TV and commercials together since she was little.  We discuss what is good advertising and what is bad advertising; the first question we always start with is “What are they trying to say? “

Suddenly, the master was getting taken to school by the student… Kate quickly informed me of each detail to which I was attempting to plan or sort out. “If you’re going to be working on people’s web sites, instructing them in SEO search engine strategy, you want to make your name is memorable … short, sweet and to the point!”  Ouch! (That was a flurry of verbal blows that I was not expecting; those landed hard on my ego.) I thought to myself, “The kid has me on the ropes so I better counter quick or she will knock me out!”

RBA-Button-PNGThank goodness I was slow on my comeback. This is what happened next. Kate looked me in the eye and said, “If you’re going to be in the web, your name should be part of the web that describes YOU! Something like “” or “”  Without another word she spun around, her pony-tail swinging smartly behind her, and marched off like the guerrilla fighter I have trained her to be. She vanished into the jungle known as “her room.”


This unexpected encounter left me with an empty feeling in my gut and a sense of bewilderment.  I had gotten too close to my own work; I had developed blinders. Dang it! She just shoved one of my oldest rules in my face, “Listen to everyone. There are great ideas everywhere, many much better than our own.”  My next favorite rule is, “Give credit where credit is due.”  So, thank you, Miss Kate Benjamin, for waking me up and giving me some of my own medicine.  The credit for naming my company web site all goes to you.  Not giving up totally, however, “Coaching Concepts” will continue to be the FREE business blog section of web site.

”If you are raising a teenager I think you will agree that it is best not to let them think they know everything.  However, to grow good, strong leaders of tomorrow one must tell them when they have done well in their thinking.  Thanks again Kate, you are a true inspiration and you can do anything you set your mind to girl.

And so, life on “” has begun.  Every now and then this beat up old verbal pugilist will be hanging on the ropes and coming to you live with simple ideas and strategies to help you be found online, so check us out from time to time.