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Depositphotos_49204949_xsContent Creation is one of the most crucial elements to any Website/Social Media Marketing Plan. Our job at Rich Benjamin & Associates is to identify the cyclical nature of your business that coincides with the consumer/visitor’s buying habits. By getting to know what a consumer is interested in, what they are looking for in your product and what common questions are asked, we can create captivating content that enhances the user experience. We have a very dynamic group of marketeers and writers who work together to produce interesting and relevant content for our clients.

  • Content Creation ranges from the written information on Web Pages and Blogs and downloadable White Papers to downloadable Digital Rafting Mobile, video content creationFlip Books and produced Videos. The list goes on and on and is only limited by your imagination and level of creativity.
  • When Content Creation is done well the consumer’s questions are answered before they are asked, thus removing “Sales Roadblocks”. A sales roadblock is a point on a website where you make the consumer search for an answer. The more time it takes them to find an answer, the more likely the consumer will NOT complete a transaction.
  • At Rich Benjamin & Associates, our goal is to move a consumer through a website to a completed sale in under 4 clicks. Content Creation entices the consumer to enter the website and begin their journey culminating in a sale.
  • Search engines feed on new content. Google, Bing, Yahoo and YouTube, just to name a few, all have algorithms that calculate and render search queries to consumers. There are many metrics involved in an algorithm, but new and captivating content is a key component in website rankings.

Our job at Rich Benjamin & Associates is to create the best content that suits your particular business model.

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