What Are Digital Assets

Think of your Social Media Accounts and Website as your would your car, it has value and can be bought sold and or traded. Why are Digital Assets so important? Imagine a day where you have grown your company, you are ready to retire and sell your company to a new owner.  The prospective owner asks for  the transfer of ownership to the company URL / Website and it turns out to be registered under another persons name, do your really have the right to sell it? Think that this scenario is far fetched, it happens every day. This presentation was developed out of empathy for owners who get swept into web but have no idea of what a digital asset is or how important it is to have when you need them.

Take away

Since our first public presentation of this seminar we  have received more feedback and emails from attendees who had no idea how important it is to create back up plans and get their digital assets in order. RB&A is thrilled to be making a difference for these folks. If you wish to request a private consultation or to have this or any other topic presented at your association, group function please feel free to contact Rich Benjamin regarding speaking fees and availability. To DOWNLOAD this presentation in a PDF format CLICK HERE