Google PageRank Model

Tonight I was reading an interesting newsletter from my friends at SEOmoz about “ Planted Link Anatomy- Understanding the Value Of a Link” when I came across an embedded link referring to the term “Google Bomb.”  I had heard the term used in the past and was fairly certain as to its meaning.  I followed this link to Wikipedia and saw an embedded link for Google’s search-rank algorithm to which I found the following information and the soon-to-be moral of the story.  Planted links are a trail of choices that you can build into any article that is written.

The name “PageRank” is a trademark of Google and the PageRank process has been patented (U.S. Patent 6,285,999). However, the patent is assigned to Stanford University and not to Google. Google has exclusive license rights on the patent from Stanford University. The university received 1.8 million shares of Google in exchange for use of the patent; the shares were sold in 2005 for $336 million dollars.  WOW! Now that is a SALE!

Algorithm for Google PageRank Model

google-algarythm-for-google-bombThe lesson here is that strategically placed links in captivating content will lead visitors to unexpected journeys that will change a visitor’s paradigm… or more simply put “broaden their horizons.”  This experience was an enjoyable one for me; however, some of it may look like sorcery and the stuff magic is made of.  It might even be called “Link Alchemy” rather than “Link Anatomy” by the lay person.

Remember many of our clients have only a basic understanding of the web world. I was told by a prospective client last week, “I know how to turn a computer on and use it but I don’t understand how it or the web works.  Just make my site work well and make my phone ring.”  To present this information to them could elicit the same response that Christopher Columbus received after telling sailors that the world was “in fact, round.”  Take your time and educate your clients. I believe that is the responsibility of each SEO professional. Do this in a way that rewards their growth where they feel pride in accomplishment and not shame in their lack of knowledge.  Bits of strategic knowledge placed in captivating content will lead the viewer where you want them to go for both your client and the potential customer. Think ahead and know the thought process of your target market and study their habits.  Be confident and advise your client as how to best attract and capture these potential buyers.  Remember they hired you to get their business a greater share of the market.  Set out with a purpose and lay down specific trails of bread crumbs (embedded links) to lead visitors to your client’s web site  and ultimately their product.