Definition of QUALITY CONTENT = Beauty is in the Eyes of the Beholder!

Sound strange, well these days in web marketing nothing surprises me nor does it sound strange. Quality Content can be a Social Post, a scheduled e-mail or a Blog post.  If you are wise you are using the triple threat tactic… Yes the triple threat!

In the old days of sales and marketing you would

  1. Call A client
  2. Write to the Client
  3. Go See the Client

Successful – Internet marketers use a similar  approach they will

  1. Write a Blog Post
  2. Share the Post on Social Networks
  3. E-Mail the information to permission based followers

In most cases of online marketing; the question is not only what to do but WHY do it at all. For every type of tool , there is a technique or a tactic for its implementation.  Below are my thoughts on tools tactics and results … 3 digital tools for selling cookies.


Search Engine – A Consumer has a need for cookies – they Google “Hot Delicious Cookies” Do your research look for different terms that will help you sell your cookies locally, regionally, and globally.

TACTIC Anticipate consumers thoughts – Write engaging relevant content that  answers the questions before they are asked …

RESULT Freedom of Choice, if consumer likes the cookie, they will possibly become a loyal customer.


Social Media – Post a photo of someone eating HOT Fresh Cookies, you can almost smelling the cookies, this is a warm and Fuzzy approach / A soft sale strategically place a message or an invitation that you feel is your idea

Beautiful woman holding hot roasting pan with cookies
Mmmm Delicious Hot Cookies – Want Some?

TACTIC feeds on the “Emotional Sales” – Wants, Needs & Desires  …

RESULT, Product endearment & a possible sale – I think I will buy some cookies.


E-mail – Hello I’m here to remind you that you like cookies, Click Here to Buy Now!

TACTIC feeds on the “Impulse Sales” – Forgetfulness – I do need some cookies!  …

RESULT, Product positioning and sales incentive, push for quick close.


Quality Content is truly in the eyes of the beholder. The Human race is a visually stimulated species, a stunning image can convey a better message with few if any words.  I know that the great content race is on, SEO professionals and search engines are screaming for more content per post. It use to be acceptable to post 300 word blogs, then 500 word blogs, now its 800 and Up.  I beg to difer, yes play the search engine game, apply their principles.. However a Human has to read all that information, that human being may or may not want to read the War and Peace of Cookies… Or Vacation Rentals or Recipes… They want to get great knowledge quickly … so for goodness sake get them in and out as quick as possible.