About RBA Marketing

Rich Benjamin & Ray Surface – RBA Marketing

A Digital Marketing Agency Specializing in Tourism Marketing Specializing in Search Engine Optimization (SEO) Consulting & Web Design.

RBA Marketing a  is your one-stop  Web Optimization, Strategists. We are an unconventional agency made up of professionals with diverse conventional marketing backgrounds that have come together to create a unique, dynamic team! We offer a business model that is focused on the collaboration of talented individuals who can and will, provide excellent service.

Staying Ahead of the Curve

As websites, social media, and digital marketing continue to evolve. Goal #1 is always getting as many visitors to a website as possible. The very next Goal is keeping the visitor and converting the visitor into a sale or a fan.


Whether your business is an Oil refinery or an Ice cream parlor on the corner. you face the same challenge, attention spans continue to shrink on-line. A website and Social Media marketing plan MUST include a budget for the production of photography & video elements, the stronger and more appealing the better.

RBA Marketing provides branding concepts, marketing plans, Website creation, content production and management, direct mail and email campaigns, SEO, social media management and marketing, conventional public relations campaigns and web-based public relation campaigns.

As an agency who keeps its staff small, we believe in and practice guerrilla marketing tactics. We develop a plan, move fast, and then strike hard. The most effective way to win in business today is to be innovative with each business opportunity presented to us, be unpredictable, think outside the box, and move faster than your competition. The faster we move, the better the ROI is on your project.

We also believe wholeheartedly in educating our clients so no one is kept in the dark. We want you to become knowledgeable in how internet marketing works. As technology continues to evolve, it is crucial that ownership and management become our partners in the growth of their business. Any business owner or manager in the tourism industry who says they do not need to learn about the internet will be eclipsed by trends and technology – and not all of it will be fleeting. A lot of it will stick around and become the new foundation for business success.

While the internet is not the only source of marketing for a business today, it is a large part of the package. The most vital and exciting aspect of internet marketing is that it can be scaled to any size business, be rapidly implemented, and best of all – it’s trackable! Understanding internet marketing and implementing sound digital strategies will place most small businesses quantum leaps ahead of their competition.

Let RBA Marketing help you take that leap!


The goal of RBA Marketing is to produce content that will initiate conversation with your present customers and become a source of useful information. This type of engagement builds trust between today’s consumer and today’s product. Additionally, RBA Marketing will monitor what is being said and respond in an endearing way to make a personal connection with that customer and then leverage that connection to drive your message to the next potential customer.

RBA Marketing will put tracking and reporting systems in place for your website. This will not only allow you to increase your customer base but allow you to view and measure monthly comments based on the key points of strength, sentiment, passion and reach.


Commitment to excellence

In 2012, Rich Benjamin was singled out by the Tennessee Hospitality Association for “leading the way to help the hospitality industry embrace all aspects of internet marketing and social media” and honored as the Hospitality Educator of the Year.