drive-it-like-you-hate-it1What is on-page SEO (Search Engine Optimization) anyway? Simply put it is strategic creative copy-writing. Know your product. Know your keywords.  Why know your keywords? Because if you conduct your keyword search properly, it will not only illuminate what your clients are looking for, but it will also tell you how to find them before your competitor. “COME UP WITH STRONG IDEAS THAT ARE SIMPLY STATED”. Weave those keywords into creative content that engage and excite the reader. Create an environment that elicits an emotion, and for goodness sake, do not forget the call to action.  The Volvo ad that you see here is an example of that philosophy.  It is an ad created by an idol of mine, Jim Durfee.  He is a genius at getting to the core of a product and communicating its message in a creative and entertaining way.

Enjoy the wonderful clip below from a marvelous documentary “Art & Copy”

jim-durfeeJim Durfee is a legend in the Advertising and Marketing business. In fact, he is the first person to be inducted into the copy- writing hall of fame. Jim summed up copy-writing and marketing best when he said ”Get to the product truth; come up with strong ideas that are simply stated.” That’s all it takes folks! Whether you are employing a conventional advertising campaign, a web marketing campaign, or a social media marketing campaign, know your product and lead the consumer where you want them to go. GET TO THE POINT and do it in a creative and memorable way. All of today’s media is governed by this rule: if it is not working, possibly you have not done your homework and/or you have over complicated the message.

Here at Rich Benjamin & Associates, we have gathered a core group of individuals who, each in their own way, live this philosophy. Each one of us can see the emperor naked; that is to say we look at the world of on-line marketing through a unique perspective. Each is talented in our own areas of discipline and communication. We get to the core – the “Product Truth.” We come up with big ideas, state them simply, then execute a marketing plan on the web and in social media.  Why not give us a try and see our Product Truth?