Search Engine Optimization

 SEO & Your Website

Search Engine Optimization is the ongoing strategic planning of a website. At RBA Marketing we work with clients of all sizes and shapes – from the start-up, entry level business to the enterprise, corporate client. Each website is as unique as its owner’s finger prints and therefore each plan or website optimization is a custom creation tailored to the needs of the individual client.

  • Internet Marketing  and Search Engine Optimization begin with a client meeting to discuss what the goals are for a website. If you find a rate sheet for Website Optimization, chances are, you are going to receive a canned program that may or may not work for your business.
  • A company’s Digital Strategy begins with a clear and well defined keyword strategy. Each keyword should be researched for relevance to the product, consumer demand level and competitor competition. For greater insight on this topic, please read the following blog articles: “SEO is a “School of Thought Process” – “Seeing SEO is Believing” – “7 Steps To Getting Found Online“.
  • Search Engine Optimization is both a science and an art – and, when done correctly, a business can dramatically increase their customer visitation traffic. This is the best way to capitalize on finalizing a sale of your product.

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