The Key to finding the best KEYWORDS, is having Vision

When it comes to SEO, Search Engine Optimization, keyword strategy is one of the most difficult concepts to explain to the layperson. At Rich Benjamin & Associates, I have found the best way to bridge the gap between the tech world and the regular world is to make an analogy, to create a visual depiction or translation. So the goal of this article is to broaden your understanding of keyword strategy and how it can be used to help grow your web presence by finding new clients and customers that are looking for your product.

Do you remember “Mike Teavee” from 1971’s Willy Wonka & the Chocolate Factory? He was the kid who was obsessed with becoming a star, so much so that when the opportunity arose he jumped in front of the Wonkavision machine and atomized himself, and his mother cried, “MIKE! Where are you?” Grandpa Joe said, “He’s up there in a million pieces.” The atomization of Mike into a million pieces and the transportation of his particles from the Wonkavision pedestal to the Microviewer is precisely the visual analogy that is needed to depict Keyword Strategy. Keywords are descriptive words of a particular product or service. Clients and potential customers surf the Internet by using single keywords (word) and multiple conjunctions of keywords or Longtail Keywords (words) to search and find any product, person, place, or thing.

As I build a Keyword Strategy, I classify Keywords into 3 Major Categories:

  • Global Keyword Terms – (Golf) is a term that can be found anywhere in the world.
  • Regional Keyword Terms – (Golf Tennessee) is a term that is descriptive of a particular state, region, or province.
  • Local Keyword Terms – (Golf Sevierville TN) is a term that is descriptive of a town, city, or very specific region.

As marketers, we believe that we are branding products as we write our copy and develop our plans. I believe this thought process to be as archaic as paintings on the caveman’s walls. The secret to any good business is “Listening to your Customers.” As I have been researching keywords and listening to customers, it has dawned on me that the customers are branding our products. Here is an example of what I am talking about. I grew up in a small town in upstate New York. Our culture described a Coke as Coke, Pepsi as Pepsi and most other soft drinks fell under the flavor and the word soda (Grape Soda). I now live in Sevierville, Tennessee and the local culture here refers to all sodas as Coke. “Bring me an Orange Coke when you come back.”  That was how I heard the misbranding/ re-branding of a product for the first time. Geographic regions of the country have their own unique dialect and it is crucial to listen to consumers from a variety of regions. Listen for the commonalities in diction that they possess with other regions; these are the possible high-value keywords for which you are searching. Google Webmaster Tools has a great tool to assist in the valuation and ranking of these terms for your strategy. It is found in Google Adwords: Keyword Tool.

A Query for Golf Sevierville TN has given us Great Insight.

So where were we? Regarding the atomization of Mike Teavee, take a close look at the photo and pay particular attention to the particles suspended in the air. Picture each particle traveling over Grandpa Joe, Willie Wonka and Charlie’s heads as a keyword search. The term is typed into your favorite search engine browser, then the search is submitted. This is where the particles streak over our heads as Mike Teavee did when he was transported. The terms are sent out into cyberspace.  The terms are invisible to the naked eye but make no mistake, they are there and are important to any ongoing SEO strategy.

Seeing is believing and believing is the bedrock in grasping optimization.