I’d love to share my knowledge of SEO and Social Media in a “How To” format, so this Christmas I thought I would share something very near and dear to me, my Grandmother’s Apple Pie recipe!

Believe it or not, SEO – Website Management & Social Media Marketing are all very much like making a great apple pie. You must begin with a plan (recipe), combine your ingredients in the proper order and proportion, and let it bake for just the right amount of time to have something worth serving to the world. Step (1) we gather our ingredients:  For SEO we  gather or create written content,i.e. blogs, Videos, Images. For a Pie we need – apples, flour, sugar, Crisco, cornstarch.   Step (2) we must formulate a plan for mixing in the right order. I have tried throwing all the ingredients in the bowl and stirring them together. Let me tell you from experience, your pie crust will be as hard as a rock and your filling will be burnt and leave an awful taste in your mouth. As with combining the ingredients of a good pie, proper combination of content requires a step by step process.

One should always have a goal in mind whether it be baking a pie or creating a successful website that garners lots of traffic. With a pie our goal is a golden brown, flaky crust with a delicious filling. Our SEO should attract business and convert visitors to leads and ultimately life long customers.

I recently read about a baker in London who got into a website social media promotion that went way wrong. Her picture reminded me of my grandmother standing there in her apron baking away. Had she been a client of mine, I could have made a few suggestions that would have saved her 10′s of thousands of dollars with a properly optimized site.  Our goal at Rich Benjamin & Associates is to increase traffic to a client’s web site, not just move traffic from a competitor site, and we do that by finding the right mix of ingredients that will bring in new clients that are looking for the product you are selling!

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Many of us are so busy with our jobs and careers that we do not take time to do the little things in life. I hope these tips will be of use to you. Our mission in life is not to get through each day, it is to inspire each other and strive for perfection. “You can be so much more.” Lee Clow.

Alice Richards, my grandmother was the mother of 9 children. She had to prepare 3 meals a day for 11 people for over 20 years. She taught me love, compassion and how to cook and bake. My grandfather, Don Richards, was a self-taught machinist; he fabricated and engineered physical solutions to any mechanical problem from building and fixing railroad locomotives to designing and presenting lighter machine gun tripods to the military. He taught me to contemplate; he said that there is nothing you cannot do if you think about the problem and the solution. Grandpa always had a way of taking the complex and simplifying it so that the problem got solved efficiently and effectively.

I present to you my “How To” Bake an Apple Pie just like Grandma, as a tribute to the memory of my grandparents, Alice & Don Richards – two of the hardest working and most decent people I have ever had the privilege to know. I hope you enjoy it. [like_button] [googleplus] [twitter_button] [linkedin]