A bold new way to stay informed about Business and Charitable Events in the Smoky Mountains.

Welcome, Smokymtnbusinessevents.com

Tried of trying to find one resource website where all the community business events are listed?

I was too, so we at RBA Marketing decided to do something about it.
“As a business owner and professional, my biggest challenge was to try to attend and be informed about all the events in the three cities. After wishing and waiting and hoping that someone would come along and offer a solution to the issue. I decided to take it upon myself to BUILD A SIMPLE but effective SOLUTION.”

Challenge 1
How to create a calendar that everybody can find and use?

Challenge 2
The calendar must be able to sync with personal calendars, i.e.

Outlook Calanders
Google Calanders
Apple Calendar

Challenge 3
Collect Data & Begin Entering Events.

Challenge 4
Create a simple system where organizations and charities can submit information.

Challenge Accepted!