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Woman drawing a website schema in a whiteboardThe number one Hot Topic of 2015 is “Website & Social Media marketing”; whose combine goal is to deliver a  fantastic User Experience. What is user experience and why is it important? User Experience in web comes right down to how enjoyable is your website to visit. If a site is hard to navigate the experience is less than favorable.  In today’s ever competitive world of connectivity and digital marketing; a user must have a good experience for your company to have a shot at creating a business relationship with the new customer. Your goal is to turn them into a passionate fans who follow your business with intense loyalty.

How Times have changed

Remember when Color TV came on to the scene, tv the media that connected you with the world?  Families gathered together to experience shows which created family customs.  For example Sunday night TV programing at my house in the 70’s was Mutual of Omaha’s Wild Kingdom followed by The Wonderful World of Disney, as a family, we never missed that time together. That was our generation’s cultural experience then.  Todays  cultural connectivity experience is Social Media, Facebook, Twitter, & YouTube.

People are connected to their mobile device like never before. Ask yourself this question, how did I physically feel or react the last time that you accidentally left your cell phone at home. I guarantee that you had a small anxiety attack, what happens if work calls, what if one of the kids gets hurt?  The list of digital anxiety imposed thoughts goes on and on and on.  Face it the world will never go back it will keep progressing.

TAKEAWAY – Website & Social Media Marketing

Website & Social Marketing are the Art & Science of Conversational Time Management, You have just become a publisher as a company considers engaging in website & social media marketing, it is crucial to remember that once begun, Fans are passionate, you must be committed for life.

Did You Know

  •  1 in 9 people on earth have a Facebook account
  • 95% of all social posts are NOT answered by a brand – that is equivalent to NOT answering your phone 95% of the time. Would you allow that?
  • Pinterest is projected to account for 40% of social driven purchases
  •  Average user spends a minimum of 20 minutes per visit on Facebook, in the realm of social media marketing it is crucial to be in the consumers face.
  • 20% of all Google searches daily have NEVER been searched before, long tail keyword searches have become the norm, Consumers are looking for hyper specific information.  One must study the trends and anticipate the consumer’s questions accordingly.
  • Twitter handles 32 billion search equerries per month.
  • Social Media is “word of mouth on steroids”, it gives ownership to the public and makes them part of your marketing & sales team

The Big Question for the future of your business is

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Question – What Generation makes up 25% of the US population?

Answer – The Millennial Generation

Millennials are changing the face of Travel in the US

  • Millennials are the largest generation in American history at 80 million strong and they possess $1.3 trillion in direct buying power.  -Source “
  • They’re very much keeping up with the Joneses, but not by collecting things and products like their Boomer parents but by collecting photos, friends and experiences.

How do you plan to utilize Web & Social Media to capture more business for your company?

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